“The Blues Piano Crash Course”

Course Description

Learn the essential elements of blues piano, including the Blues Scale, the 12-bar Blues pattern, left-hand grooves, coordination exercises, and raw material for licks.

My goal is for you to start improvising great blues solos!

Although most of this course is in the key of C, there is a detailed lesson that covers transposing the blues scale, and the 12-bar blues progression, into other keys.

You will need no ability to read music. It will be very good, however, to have basic-to-intermediate level piano playing experience.

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Lesson One – “The Blues Scale”

Supplemental (optional) from “A Study in Blues Piano” – Licks #1 and #2

Lesson Two – “A Left-hand Groove”

Lesson Three – “Five Must-know Riffing Devices”

Lesson Four – “The Classic 12-bar Blues Progression”

(#4 above is presently available to both non-members and visitors.)

Lesson Five – “Put Your Hands Together”

Lesson Six – More tips and practice on being a two-handed jammer

The rest are on their way! 


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