“Moonlight” Sonata Sheet with Letter-Note Names (1st movement, complete)

Hey there, Beethoven fans!

Here’s a new sheet music post for keyboard players who read music “a little bit,” but who may have trouble remembering the details about key signatures, or may be unsure about which piano key belongs to which line or space on the staff.  Maybe you’re an adult who had lessons years ago, for example.

I highly recommend that you also have access to a “conventional” copy of this piece (one that has no letter-notes added, I mean), because it will likely contain many markings that I have left out, in order to deal with the page clutter that I created by adding all those letters. Important markings left out by me, in this lettered version, include phrasing and dynamics symbols, which are critically important in studying a piece like this.

About Marking Notes with Letter-names on Sheet Music

The sheet music below has each note’s letter name marked in (such as E, F#, Ab, G). There are many situations where this reading aid, the adding of letter-names, can be really useful.  Beware, some teachers get extremely upset  about this kind of alphabetic behavior, declaring it to be pretty much a horrible thing under any circumstances.  I’m not exaggerating.  But I have used this aid in many successful ways, with students who all ended up being good music readers, and  good players.  That said, I guess I also should say:  If you are a formal student of piano, who intends to read music really well, please be careful about decisions regarding the marking in of letter-names,  and maybe just be guided by your teacher, when it comes that.  Myself, when I choose to use this letter-note aid with a private student, the letter-notes have to come from me. That is, they are generally not allowed to mark in any note-names themselves.

Okay, there’s that!

Today’s selection is Beethoven’s famous “Moonlight Sonata,” entire first movement.

Moonlight Sonata with Letter-notes Included


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