Sheet Music: Lick #2 from “A Study in Blues Piano”

Blues Students:


Here’s a downloadable PDF file of sheet music for Blues Piano Lick #2, “Da boo da, Bo dee ooo,” for optional use with my course “A Study in Blues Piano” (on this site).

This is entirely optional material, as far as completing the above course is concerned. As I said yesterday, this is a supplement I’m putting together, in response to recent requests that  I’ve had from certain students who read music.

After I finish the notation for all twelve licks, I plan to come back and add tutorial text, to support the process of playing from each of these sheets.

Non-music readers:  This course was deliberately designed to require ZERO reading of music, so fear not that written jazz above, dig? This is an improvisation class, first and foremost.


FYI: All of these upcoming sheets will be directly downloadable from within A Study in Blues Piano – Focusing on 12 Licks.


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