New! Supplemental Video and Sheet Music for “A Study in Blues Piano”


In response to student requests for sheet music, illustrating licks from my video course, A Study in Blues Piano: Focusing on 12 Licks, I have so far created notation for several of the licks.

Today, I have another sheet for you, which I hope will also be helpful.

Please recall, sheet music materials are completely OPTIONAL for this class. No worries at all, if you are a non-music reader.

VIDEO: This post includes an optional video (below).

I just wrote out a short blues piano solo that features several licks from the course. Each lick is labeled on the sheet, using its associated “lick number,” as referred to in the course.

Also, I recorded an automated playback of this sheet, as a video, allowing students to hear the solo, as they watch the notes within the sheet music (there’s a moving marker, so you won’t get lost).

I also wrote out a drum and bass track (not visible on the sheet, but audible in the video), which should provide you with a solid rhythmic backdrop, for added context.

Regarding the video soundtrack, this is not a human performance, just a machine playback, but it does gives you a basic idea of how the piece and the licks can sound, especially in terms of their syncopated rhythms.


Here’s a link to the sheet music, which can be downloaded and printed.

And here’s that video:


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