“Claire De Lune” Sheet Music with Letter-Notes Added

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Here’s a brand new sheet music offering from Kent. This one is another custom job for piano and keyboard players who read music “a little bit,” but who may have trouble remembering the details about key signatures, or may sometimes be unsure about which piano key belongs to which line or space on the staff.

Maybe you’re an adult who had lessons many years ago, for example.

To help people with that, each note is marked with the correct letter-name (such as F, Eb, G, G#).

About Marking up Sheet Music with Lettered Notes


ACCURACY GUARANTEED: This annotated sheet music was prepared by me, and was very carefully cross-checked for accuracy, by doing note-for-note comparisons against three other publications of Claire De Lune sheet music.  All references used are from reputable sources. In the rare cases were I found differences between publications, I researched the issue, and chose the best version of the notation (for that measure or section.)

I highly recommend that you also have access to a “conventional” copy of this piece (one that has no letter-names added), because it will contain many standard markings that I deliberately left out, due to the additional clutter created by adding all those letters!  Important markings left out by me, in this lettered version, include phrasing and dynamics symbols, which are essential information for studying and playing any piece like this.

Today’s selection is Claire De Lune from Suite Bergamasque, by Claude Debussy. This version is unedited from the original, and is not simplified in any way. It’s the real deal.

Members can download the sheet music here for free (PDF, four pages). You must be logged in to access the file.  Thank you for your support! You make it possible to keep this site ad free, and for us to keep creating free content for the general public.

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