NEW: Piano Chord Catalog – helpful reference for the “Chords 108” class


For anyone studying the Chords 108 series on this site, I’m pleased to post this helpful piano chord catalog (PDF link below).

I created this catalog as a temporary reference:

It’s meant to serve as an easy tool for checking one’s understanding of the chord-learning system taught in this class.

HEY:  After this course, you will no longer need this book. That’s the entire goal!  Kind of ironic, eh?

In other words, this catalog is exactly the kind of reference which you are now LEARNING TO DO WITHOUT (and pretty fast).

Looking ahead:  Now that I’ve completed and posted this reference catalog, I’m going back to producing the rest of the video series…

I’m super excited about having this entire course done and published over the next month (June).  It’s going to help a lot of people, I’m pretty confident about that!

Download the Chords 108 Piano Chord Catalog here (PDF).


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