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This site is pretty new (actually it’s a revamp of an earlier version).  We have in our possession a boatload of educational  content from the popular online and local teacher, Kent Smith. This site is in blog format, so we post Kent’s lessons, courses, articles and other content one at a time, continuously over time.

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FACT: Thousands of students in 90+ countries have enrolled in Kent’s stand-alone piano courses (those numbers include other online places, where Kent’s courses are sold.)

And these global numbers are growing faster and faster. Even more exciting, our site membership community at pianowithkent.com is also growing faster and faster!

MYTH: Kent invented fabric softener sheets.

Kent Smith is a professional piano and drum instructor, and a professional pianist/keyboardist, based in Orange County, California. He holds a degree in music and piano performance from Fullerton College, California.

At age seven, Kent began formal lessons in drums. By age fourteen he was a part-time professional drummer in a popular R&B band, playing gigs in and around the city of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.  At that same age, he discovered piano and was hooked.

Having started classical piano lessons at age fifteen, Kent went on to graduate with honors from Fullerton College, with a degree in piano performance and general music, including jazz studies.  Kent made his living after college as a pianist, keyboardist and sometime drummer in various bands.

Later in his twenties, Kent began a parallel career in software development.  Now, recently retired from AT&T, he has returned to music full-time. Kent has gained a wealth of professional experience through his decades of teaching, performing, composing, and studio work.

Hello from Kent!

“Piano with Kent”  is essentially a video and text blog, with stand-alone piano/keyboard lessons, articles, full courses, sheet music, and more.

Our site is for anyone who wants to enhance their playing of songs and pieces, enhance their improv skills, increase their general understanding of music, and learn lots of useful music theory.

We’ve only recently converted this site into one that includes a membership option. Now that this upgrade is complete, and we’re settled into a new state-of-the-art studio, I am ready to start churning out LOTS of new content.

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