“A Study in Blues Piano – Focusing on Twelve Licks”

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Course Description

This is an in-depth study of twelve blues licks, with extensive left-hand support tips. These licks are explored in detail, including variations, fingering, playing tips, and supporting music theory.

More than just learning the notes by rote, you will get insight into the patterns, scales, chords and intervals involved, including how to transpose each lick.

As a result, each lick will be mastered as RAW MATERIAL for endless variations, with applications in many musical settings (genres).

Lick #10 of this group is actually more than a lick; rather, it gives you a complete two-handed 12-bar opening groove, including a left-hand pattern to support your licks throughout your soloing.

Here’s the “trailer” for this course.

There are 12 lessons in this course, each with a separate video.

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