Blues Lick #2 : “Da-boo-da, boo-dee-ooo”

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Welcome to Lesson Two!

In David Sudnow's classic book, "Ways of the Hand," he describes his personal journey towards becoming an accomplished piano improviser.  Eventually, he discovers the secret to playing great jazz (or blues) lines:  Sing!  That is, above all, you must mentally sing the ideas (hear them in your head, as something you would sing). Then, translate that "sound" to your fingers.  You don't need to be an accomplished singer to do this.  It's really about the act of singing in your head, not so much your vocal accuracy.  Which brings us to the name of this lick!  If you sing "Dabooda, Boodie You"  with a solid rhythm, it will be much easier to adapt the idea behind this lick into your solos. (Each note in this lick is tied to one syllable in the name.) When you watch this video, you'll see what I mean.

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