“Claire De Lune” Sheet Music with Letter-Notes Added

Dear Supporting Members,

Here’s a brand new sheet music offering from Kent. This one is another custom job for piano and keyboard players who read music “a little bit,” but who may have trouble remembering the details about key signatures, or may sometimes be unsure about which piano key belongs to which line or space on the staff.

Maybe you’re an adult who had lessons many years ago, for example.

To help people with that, each note is marked with the correct letter-name (such as F, Eb, G, G#).

About Marking up Sheet Music with Lettered Notes


ACCURACY GUARANTEED: This annotated sheet music was prepared by me, and was very carefully cross-checked for accuracy, by doing note-for-note comparisons against three other publications of Claire De Lune sheet music.  All references used are from reputable sources. In the rare cases were I found differences between publications, I researched the issue, and chose the best version of the notation (for that measure or section.)

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