The 7#9 Chord: Possibly the Funkiest Chord Ever

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To all you funked-up rocking hip-hopping bluesy jazzy people out there,

Today’s post features an outrageously funky, bluesy chord which is also used in rock, jazz, and many other places.

This blues-based powerhouse is often called the “Purple Haze” chord, made famous by a Jimi Hendrix song of the same name.  You may also hear it called, more generically, a “Hendrix chord.” (Hendrix did in fact use 7#9 chords in several of his major songs.)

First a SLIDE SHOW, then a VIDEO. Enjoy!

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Beethoven Moonlight Sonata Notes – Letter-Name Sheet Music

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Dear Beethoven  Fans,

Here’s a brand new sheet music selection for you.

Beethoven’s famous Moonlight Sonata, 1st movement, with letter notes.



Each note in this sheet music is labeled with its associated letter-name, such as E, D#, Ab.

Some markings (dynamics, etc.) have been omitted, so as to leave extra room for the added letters.


My letter-note labeled sheet music is primarily for adults who are not taking piano lessons–especially those who’ve had past experience reading music, but who might have forgotten many of the details.


Below is a list of currently available selections with lettered notes. This list is growing fast, so you might bookmark this page, and check back often.

Covid-19 Update: Regarding Private Lessons with Kent

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Private lessons with me (piano, keyboards, drums, and general music) are currently being conducted online only.  Skype, Zoom, Facetime.

To learn more about my qualifications, education, and performing experience, click here.

Slots are filling up, so please call now to schedule your free introductory lesson!

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Linus the Jazz Cat
Linus the Jazz Cat




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Visual Catalog of 108+ Piano Chords

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Here’s an interactive  eBook that I put together as a reference for my Piano Chords 108 series.



This book can serve as a stand-alone reference for checking your piano chords.


The sole purpose of my Piano Chords 108 series is to teach piano students how to memorize all 108 of these chords as they appear on the piano keyboard.

Therefore, this catalog should be used, ideally, only to check your understanding of the memorization system taught here.

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Jazz Soloing Tip #12

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Hello friends!

Try this: Go to your instrument and play a C-major scale from top to bottom (C B A G F E D C). Play these as evenly spaced eighth notes in 4/4 time.

You will notice that the final note, the lower C, does not land on a solid beat (in this case, that would be beat one). Instead, it lands on the last eighth note of the previous measure.

Assuming that we want our C to land on beat one, as a solid “target note,” here’s a common and jazzy sounding solution.

C, B, A, G  || F, E, D-flat, B || C

We now have the required eight notes to fill one measure, and the final C lands on beat one of the next measure – voila!

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