DOWNLOAD: Für Elise and other Easy Sheet Music with Letter-note names

Do you read music "a little bit," but have trouble remembering all that stuff about key signatures, and sometimes forget which piano key belongs to which line or space on the staff?  This is quite common, so don't feel bad!

The good news is, when we mark in all the letter names (Eb, C, F#, etc), for every single note on each page, the piece of music suddenly becomes MUCH easier to read!  Be advised, if you don't know how key signatures work, you will probably not be writing in all those sharps and flats where they need to be!

Well, we know how to do all that groovy stuff here at Piano with Kent.  Here's a collection of easy-to-read, easy-to-play sheet music that Kent created a few years ago. More sheets like this are planned, now that we are expanding the site.  Notes are all labeled on the musical staff with their associated letter-names (such as E, Bb, F#), as an aid to reading.

As we mentioned, all of the notes on these sheets are marked with their associated letter names for easy reading  (see the picture above).  In addition, some of these are customized easy arrangements by Kent, some of which are also abridgedClaire de Lune, for example is simplified, and only covers the opening theme.

Here is a list of the pieces (new additions are planned):

Für Elise (main theme, fits on one page)

Moonlight Sonata (entire first movement)

Claire de Lune (intro)

Star Spangled Banner

"Ode to Joy" 

Happy Birthday

Minuet in G (Bach)

Greensleeves / What Child is This


First, the link for Für Elise

“Für Elise” Notes (Beethoven, “Bagatelle in A minor”)

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