Blues lick #12 from “A Study in Blues Piano”

Hey man.

Below is a sample lesson from my course “A Study in Blues Piano — Focusing on Twelve Licks.”

This one covers the ins and outs, the backs and forths, and the ups and downs of what we call a “turn-around.”  This is when we come to the end of a repeating (cyclic) chord progression, and we do stuff (chords) that bring us musically back to the top.  You’ll see.


Enjoy, and don’t forget to comment or ask questions!  Let’s have a community goin on up in here, man!

UPDATE Sept. 13, 2018:  There’s a newer version of this video coming to the site as part of our uploading the whole course here, which is a cleaner version with less “ums” and “ahs” and some other improvements. We’re uploading these better versions as I write this update.

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