Summertime Christmas Preparation Continues: Easy ‘Deck the Halls’ with letter- notes

Easy Piano: ‘Deck the Halls’ with labeled letter-notes

As stated in my previous post:

Your mission, should you decide to accept it, is to learn several Christmas and holiday tunes, in time for family and friends gathering around the piano with eggnog and cookies, demanding that you play some holiday stuff.

Let’s make them happy this year!

Today, in order to get keep that project going (that is, building up your easy holiday repertoire), I’ve written and posted an exclusive arrangement of ‘Deck the Halls.’

“…Another exclusive perk for PWK’s supporting members!”

— Abraham Lincoln

EASY AS PIE TO READ: This arrangement has each note’s musical letter-name labeled.

MEMBERS: There will be more holiday songs and pieces coming from Kent — watch for those easy labeled sheets over the coming months!

NOTE: PWK’s ‘letter-note’ sheets are primarily for people who are not currently taking private lessons — especially adults who’ve had past experience reading music, but who might have forgotten “the details.”

Member download price = FREE

Have fun!


Linus the Hepcat

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