Piano Chord Catalog – a reference for my “Chords 108” series

Dear Members,

Here’s a downloadable piano chord catalog, which I recently put together as a reference for my ‘Piano Chords 108’ series.

The objective of Chords 108 is for you to learn how to memorize all the standard chords.

Therefore, this catalog should be relied upon only to check your understanding — not as a place to look up chords without learning the simple patterns that define how chords are constructed.

Of course, one could use the catalog that way (as a “crutch”), but that would defeat the entire purpose of this course!


Chords are listed alphabetically. Each chord is spelled out by using a simple image (consisting of dots on a keyboard, indicating which keys/notes make up the chord in question).

Important: This book can be useful to any musician, not just to those who are studying ‘Chords 108.’

In a nutshell, all the standard three and four-note chords are illustrated.


Major triads (all)

Minor triads (all)

Major 7th chords (all)

Minor 7th chords (all)

Dominant 7th chords (all)

Diminished triads (all)

Diminished 7th chords (all)

Half-diminished 7th chords (‘Minor-7 flat-5’) (all)

Augmented triads (all)

Now, when you see all those chords (over 108) in this collection, don’t be overwhelmed, because we are not learning any chords by rote in Chords 108.  Instead, students are mastering a simple technique for calling up the notes of any standard chord immediately in one’s mind – using no outside references.

That’s why this book is optional!

Chords 108 Reference Catalog (PDF).



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