Steps to Memorizing Chords: Half-Steps, Whole-Steps, and Thirds

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CHORDS 108  | Lesson One: Background Material

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Welcome to Piano Chords 108!

In this first lecture of the series, students will learn how to visualize and play half-steps, whole-steps, minor thirds, and major thirds on the piano.

What’s in the video lesson below?


Half-steps and whole-steps are the two intervals that we use here to define minor and major thirds (which are also intervals).  It’s the all-important thirds that we are especially focused on here, and we will construct them easily today, using just half-steps and whole-steps.

…Leading to Chords

In our chord speed-learning class called Piano Chords 108, you will achieve impressive memorization skills for chords by using the music theory concept of “stacking thirds.”

As prerequisite knowledge for that class, this lecture is basically the stuff you gotta know.

After this Lesson:

Before moving on from this lesson, please be sure you can play (or visualize) both a minor and a major third on piano, starting on any given note, without stopping to think.  Even in the middle of a car chase, or a toddler’s birthday party at that pizza-and-games place, this should be something you can do without thinking.

Assuming maybe you’re not there yet, no worries! Today can be the day. It probably won’t take more than one solid practice session after this video, for you to OWN what’s covered in the lesson!

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