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The 7#9 Chord: Possibly the Funkiest Chord Ever

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To all you funked-up rocking hip-hopping bluesy jazzy people out there,

Today’s post features an outrageously funky, bluesy chord which is also used in rock, jazz, and many other places.

This blues-based powerhouse is often called the “Purple Haze” chord, made famous by a Jimi Hendrix song of the same name.  You may also hear it called, more generically, a “Hendrix chord.” (Hendrix did in fact use 7#9 chords in several of his major songs.)

First a SLIDE SHOW, then a VIDEO. Enjoy!


Here’s the video. It’s been out a while, since 2010 or so. A little rough around the edges, but it covers the sounds and construction of these chords pretty well. Also in this video, you will learn how to quickly build a 7#9 chord, starting from any note.

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