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How To Memorize Music: The Rule of ‘Three Times Right’ for Memorizing Any Task

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Piano with Kent Hero Image How to Memorize Music
Learn the rule of THREE TIMES RIGHT and be a GREAT MEMORIZER!

How to memorize music with certainty?

Today, I want to share a very simple technique for being confident that you have memorized a section of music. This works for many similar things, such as an actor memorizing lines.

A simple idea that goes a long way:

If you can repeat the section three times in a row, correctly, then you have burned it in, well enough to move on, for now.

Of course, you will need to keep coming back to the same memorized section, since you are mastering the whole song or piece, but the same helpful rule can apply, whenever you need it: If you find you are still flubbing  a given section…or scene, or dance move…it’s time to apply that 3x rule again!

Be strict with this one.

Here’s the most important thing about this: If you mess up on the second or third attempt, you have to start over, meaning, the next attempt is back to being the first attempt.

That is why it’s three times in a ROW, not three random times mixed in with messed up times.

This part is huge:

The psychological tension that happens during Repetition Three is a way to mimic the tension that comes in a live performance. So this helps you be sure you really have it down, so much so that you can pull it off under some kind of pressure!