Piano Blues Lick #7: The ‘Flat-Three to Five’

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Blues Lick #7: Flat-Three to Five Patterns – From ‘A Study in Blues Piano

A video blues tutorial describing a versatile lick pattern for jazz and blues piano.


This short jazzy series of chromatic notes, which I call the Flat-3 to 5, is a familiar expression in the Blues. This easy type of lick (you can alter the lick very easily) is heard in a trillion mainstream jazz and blues melodies, as well as in all related music, anything that has even a touch of Blues Inflection.

Which means, you could call this a cliché. 

In the Blues, an improvising (lead) player might belt out a cliché, or ten, to explicitly let listeners know where they are:  “You are in the Blues, thank you very much!”  Any time you venture off into highly original blues territory, a cliché is a great place to come home to!


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