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FREE Interactive Piano Chord Catalog of 108+ Piano Chords

A free picture-based piano chord book from ‘Piano With Kent’ | Chords 108 Series – Visual Supplement | Chord Catalog

UPDATE: You can now purchase a downloadable PDF version of this complete piano chord book HERE.

At bottom is a free interactive eBook which is an excellent reference for my Chords 108 series.***

***This book can also serve as a stand-alone reference, arranged alphabetically and by chord type.

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Für Elise Sheet Music with Letter-Labeled Notes | PDF Download

Beethoven’s Für Elise Sheet Music with Letter-Note Names

Letter note-names on sheet music can be extremely helpful, sometimes almost indispensable, to people who have limited music-reading experience, and/or have no access to a teacher, and/or have limited mobility, or learning hindrances of any kind.

This approach works very well for amateur adult pianists, for example, who may have taken piano as a child, and who now want to play their favorite tunes and pieces, but who may have forgotten certain details about reading music.

Guaranteed professional accuracy: Formal piano sheet music notation, with letter-note name labels added to every note.

  • Original key!

  • Downloadable from virtually any web-connected device, such as smart phone, laptop, or tablet.

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Chord Symbols: add2 or add9? (includes my video on using added ninth to chords)

Hi Everyone!

I recently received a question today (on my YouTube channel), an excellent one, the topic of which is subject to debate.  The question is in response to one of my videos about using add9 chords on piano.  (A link to the video is included below.)

I thought I would share the thread here:

VIEWER: Isn’t the D in Cadd9 supposed to be an octave higher? I guess I’m just confused as to why it isn’t Add2 instead.

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How to Find Your Way Across the Piano Keyboard Landscape

Here’s a musical overview of your piano keyboard, along with helpful hints for remembering the letter-names of the keys.


Linus the Jazz Cat
Linus the Jazz Cat



Visual Catalog of 108+ Piano Chords

108 Piano Chords

Here’s an interactive  eBook that I put together as a reference for my Piano Chords 108 series.



This book can serve as a stand-alone reference for checking your piano chords.


The sole purpose of my Piano Chords 108 series is to teach piano students how to memorize all 108 of these chords as they appear on the piano keyboard.

Therefore, this catalog should be used, ideally, only to check your understanding of the memorization system taught here.


Chords are listed alphabetically. Each chord is spelled out by using a simple image (consisting of dots on a keyboard, indicating which keys/notes make up the chord in question).


In a nutshell, all the standard three and four-note chords are illustrated.




Major triads (all)

Minor triads (all)

Major 7th chords (all)

Minor 7th chords (all)

Dominant 7th chords (all)

Diminished triads (all)

Diminished 7th chords (all)

Half-diminished 7th chords (‘Minor-7 flat-5’) (all)

Augmented triads (all) Continue reading Visual Catalog of 108+ Piano Chords

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Sheet Music: Lick #1 from A Study in Blues Piano


Blues/Improv Students:

How’s yo blues?

I’ve had requests for piano notation covering the blues licks in my course, A Study in Blues Piano.

That course is video-based, and teaches from a chord-based improvisation point of view.

I sometimes resist providing notation for improvisation-focused courses, because it can almost promote blind imitation, rather than creative playing.

That said, I’ve had a couple of convincing requests lately from students who wanted to have sheet music to supplement this class. As a result, I’ve decided to provide notation for several of the licks, plus notation for a complete blues piano solo (featuring licks from the course).

Here’s a downloadable PDF file for Lick #1, “Energy.”

Piano Sheet Music with Letter-Note Names | Free Tutorial Videos | Free Music Lessons and Classes

moonlight sonata piano sheet music with letter-notes

 ‘Letter-Note’ Sheet Music  | Free Educational Video Blog & Free Music Courses

Moonlight Sonata piano sheet music with letter notes

Beethoven Moonlight Sonata No. 14 Second Movement with Letters

PDF downloads: Standard notation piano sheet music, with letter “note-names” included (such as A, C#, G).

Proceeds from sales of custom sheet music go toward keeping ‘Piano With Kent’ running as an ad-free public resource. Thank you!



More to come, including a collection–which is already underway–of original, lettered arrangements of popular and sacred music for the holidays, also for special occasions (weddings, other celebrations, graduations, and more).  All of these will include musically accurate letter-labels for every note!