FREE PDF eBook: A Visual Catalog of 108+ Piano Chords – PDF download

108 Piano Chords


Greetings from Kent!

Today, I’ve just published a FREE PDF PIANO CHORD BOOK that I recently put together, as an optional reference catalog for myChords 108 series of video-based tutorials.

YOU CAN DOWNLOAD IT RIGHT HERE (from this website):

Chords108′ Reference eBook – A Free Piano PDF Chord Catalog from ‘Piano With Kent.’


Although this book can be useful by itself, as a handy reference for checking your piano chords, that’s not really my intended use for it. Why is that? Well, the true, intended purpose of my Chords 108 series, including this new, optional course supplement, is to help teach piano students how to ‘permanently learn’ all 108(+) of these chords, as they appear on the piano keyboard, without any external reference.

Therefore, this catalog should be used, ideally, only to check your understanding of this ‘non-rote’ chord memorization system. That way, you will quickly learn how to call up the notes to any standard chord on the piano, without needing ANY kind of reference!


Chords are listed alphabetically. Each chord is spelled out by using a simple image (consisting of dots on a keyboard, indicating which keys/notes make up the chord in question).


In a nutshell, all the standard three and four-note chords are illustrated!



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Book Review: Jazz Piano Series by John Mehegan

My “jazz piano bible” is a series of four books by John Mehegan, referred to collectively as the Jazz Improvisation series.  Books can be an invaluable part of your training as a musician, especially in the area of jazz, since a solid understanding of classic jazz can get fairly heavy on the music theory side of things!

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Today’s Date in Jazz History: The passing of Bill Evans (1929 -1980)

Hello from Kent,

If I were asked to pick one person as my “jazz idol,” I would not hesitate to say Bill Evans.  In fact, I have been asked this, and that’s always my answer.

Today marks the anniversary of the death of this hugely influential jazz pianist, who passed away on this date in 1980.

Today I’m sharing two articles about  Bill Evans, in honor of his memory.  Thank you, Mr. Evans, for all that you have taught me (and still do), through your music, your life, and your legacy!

The Musical Genius of Bill Evans

Wikipedia Article on Bill Evans