Notes Regarding Sheet Music with Letter-Notes Added

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About Marking Note Names (letters, plus #’s and b’s) on Sheet Music

This sheet music has each note’s letter-name marked in (such as E, F#, Ab, G). There are many situations where this reading aid, the adding of letter-names, can be really useful.  Beware, some teachers get extremely upset  about this kind of alphabetic behavior, declaring it to be pretty much a horrible thing under any circumstances.  I’m not exaggerating.  But I have used this aid in many successful ways, with students who all ended up being good music readers, and  good players.  That said, I guess I also should say:  If you are a formal student of piano, who intends to read music really well, please be careful about decisions regarding the marking in of letter-names, and maybe just be guided by your teacher, when it comes that.  Myself, when I choose to use this letter-note aid with a private student, the letter-notes have to come from me. That is, they are generally not allowed to mark in any note-names themselves.

Okay, there’s that!

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