Notes Regarding Sheet Music with Letter-Notes Added

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About Marking Note Names (letters, plus #’s and b’s) on Sheet Music


Maple Leaf Rag sheet music with letters
Maple Leaf Rag–sheet music with letters

This type of lettered sheet music has each note’s letter-name marked in (such as E, F#, Ab, G).

If you are a formal music student, your goal should be fluency of music reading–without the use of this practice.


Who can benefit from note-names marked on sheet music?

There are several important situations where this reading aid, the adding of letter-names, can be quite useful, and sometimes even necessary.

These include:

  • Adults who have no access to private lessons, due to their locality, financial means, age, eyesight, mobility, and so on.

  • Those who may have had private lessons long ago, and would love to play their favorite songs or pieces, but who desperately need a refresher on all those notes on the staff and the ledger lines. This is especially true with difficult key signatures.

  • Students of any age who may have one or more learning disabilities, or perhaps another disability, such as memory loss.