Bach ‘Invention No. 1’ in C Major with Letters Included | Sheet Music | PDF | Original Notes & Letter-Notes Together

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Bach Invention No. 1 — C Major, BWV 772.

Letter-names included for every note.

Especially useful for adult students returning to piano after some time.

Professionally prepared, annotated sheet music for solo piano, with musically accurate letter-names added, such as A, G#, C.

Details below.


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J.S. Bach’s Invention in C Major with letters ~ PDF sheet music for piano ~ letter-labels (note names) added to each note.

CONTENTS:  ONE (1) downloadable, printable PDF file.

PAGES:  TWO (2).




  • Compiled, engraved and annotated by Kent D. Smith, professional musician and music instructor, and founder of Piano With Kent.
  • Each note is labeled with its musically accurate letter-name, such as F, Bb, C, G#.
  • One downloadable, printable PDF file.
  • Your download link is returned to your screen (on this site), immediately upon purchase. Your same private download link is also sent to you by email (using the email address that you used for your purchase.)

Letter-labeled sheet music can be useful to the former piano student returning to piano after some time, but with no access to a teacher, for example. It’s extremely common for students of many levels – including advanced classical players – to return after some years, with the same passion about playing, but without the required level of note-reading skills they may have once had. 

Also helpful for:

  • Those who play mostly by ear, and who know the basics of the 7-letter musical alphabet (note-names).
  • Any student or musician with a reading or learning difficulty that may affect the processes of learning to read sheet music notation.
  • Attention please:  Formal music students who are actively taking piano lessons, with a focus on reading sheet music, absolutely should be guided by your teacher, as regards playing piano from sheet music with note-names added.