Pachelbel’s ‘Canon in D’ Sheet Music for Piano | Letter Note-Names Included | PDF


‘Canon in D’ piano sheet music with letters added to each note.

  • Performance duration: About two and 1/2 minutes, depending on the tempo (your chosen speed of playing the piece). Note: You can repeat this arrangement multiple times — and finally, end the piece by playing the last two measures.
  • Instant PDF download (and/or, download later).
  • One printable PDF file.
  • Two (2) pages.
  • Traditional (standard) sheet music for solo piano.
  • Each note is labeled with its musically accurate letter-name, such as F, Bb, C, G#.
  • An exclusive, custom arrangement from Piano With Kent.
  • Details below!


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Canon in D by Pachelbel ~ piano sheet music with letter-note labels


  • Canon in D piano sheet music with letters included.  Printable PDF download.

  • Notated as standard, formal piano sheet music (both staves).

  • Each note is labeled with its musically accurate letter-name, such as F, Bb, C, G#.

  • Exclusive, custom arrangement from Piano With Kent (R).
  • Contents: One downloadable, printable PDF file, (2) pages.
  • Your download link is returned to your screen (on this site), immediately upon purchase. Your same private download link is also sent to you by email (using the email address that you used for your purchase.)*
  • Notation accuracy and professional quality are 100% guaranteed!

The ‘forgotten lines and spaces’ dilemma – a very common issue for former music students

Former students of piano who have no access to a private instructor, for any reason, can help reclaim forgotten reading abilities by using letter-names in this way.  IMPORTANT: If you DO have a piano teacher, and you want to learn how to read piano music on both staves, letter-notes are generally NOT recommended.  Why? In such cases, added letter-names can potentially slow down the process of learning to read music in the “official” (traditional) way.

Lettered notes  (often called ‘note-names’ or ‘letter-notes’) can also be helpful for:

  • Those who play mostly by ear, and who know the basics of the 7-letter musical alphabet (note-names), and are not that interested in learning to read standard sheet music (music without added letters).
  • Any student or musician with a reading or learning difficulty that may affect the processes of learning to read sheet music notation.