The Complete ‘Clair de Lune’ by Claude Debussy | Easy-Read Piano Sheet Music with Lettered Notes | 100% Accurate Notation

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The Complete Clair de Lune (the third segment of Claude Debussy’s Suite Bergamasque).

Especially created for older students returning to piano after many years…

Professionally prepared, annotated sheet music for solo piano, with musically accurate letter-names added to each note.

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Clair de Lune sheet music for solo piano,  with appropriate letter-labels added to each note.

Complete and Unabridged.

  • Compiled, notated and annotated by Kent D. Smith, professional musician and music instructor, founder of Piano With Kent (this website).

  • Each note is labeled with its musically accurate letter-name, such as F, Bb, C, G#.

  • One downloadable, printable PDF file.

  • Your download link is returned to your screen (on this site), immediately upon purchase. Your same private download link is also sent to you by email (using the email address that you used for your purchase.)*

Ideal for students of piano who took lessons long ago, but don’t recall some details of identifying notes on a staff (a very common dilemma).

Formal piano students should be guided by their instructor on the use (or non-use) of letters as an aid to reading.

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