Blues Piano Sheet Music plus Video | Lick#1, Solo#1 | ‘Notes & Letters’ Edition Included | PDF

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Based on Lick #1 of ‘A Study in Blues Piano–Focusing on Twelve Licks.’

Hello from Kent!

Today, I’m very pleased to announce the first of a brand new series of exclusive, original sheet music for blues piano. Each of these solos pieces is designed to feature a specific lick from my free blues piano course, ‘A Study in Blues Piano – Focusing on Twelve Licks.’

This particular solo is focused on Lick #1 of the 12-lesson series.  There are three complete, “mix and match” 12-bar solos in this piece, plus a 12-bar intro, and a sample ending.

Details below!


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Lick #1, Solo #1

Blues Piano Sheet Music (PDF)

Beautiful, professionally engraved piano sheet music, especially for use by students of blues piano (as well as all related styles, such as jazz, rock, boogie, gospel, and country).

This educational and  great-sounding blues solo is based on ‘Lick #1‘ of my free video-based course called ‘A Study in Blues Piano – Focusing on 12 Licks which is always available to watch here (on this site) for FREE.

About the course

There are 12 video tutorials in this course. Each one focuses on a single ‘master lick,’ from which a virtually infinite number of variations can be created.  In this way, the licks you learn here can be used as “endless source material,” for your own blues solos. These licks can be modified and/or simplified to your heart’s content (as indeed they “should” be, if you’re learning to improvise, that is).

You can Watch the Lick #1 video tutorial here


Based on the ‘Blues Piano Lick#1‘ video tutorial from my free course ‘A Study in Blues Piano – Focusing on 12 Licks.’

There are TWO EDITIONS available to download with your purchase.

Both editions have exactly the same music, but each is notated in a slightly different format.

The first edition has each note labeled, with its musical letter-name (including all accidentals).

The second edition is just like the first, but without the note labels. Without all those letters, this edition looks way less cluttered, which also makes room for extra indications and markings, such as dynamics, some phrasing, and the like.

Both editions have a special “notes” section at the end, with details on the kind of rhythms one could use, when interpreting the eighth-notes (as “straight-eighths,” “swing eighths,” or “blues shuffle”), as well as other useful information.

  • Number of printable PDF files: TWO (2).
  • File #1 is the special edition with note-names added.
  • File #2 is the regular version, with no labeled notes. Being less busy than the letter-notes edition, this no-labels version has room for special markings, such as dynamics (loud, soft, and anything in between), and special instructions such as “slow down here.”
  • Total number of pages: TEN (10).
  • Key: “C-Blues.”
  • Composed, engraved and annotated by Kent D. Smith, founder of, professional music instructor, pianist and composer (that’s me–I’m also the creator of  ‘A Study in Blues Piano,’ the optional companion course, which covers ‘Blues Lick#1’ in-depth, including how to play the lick in any key, and also in a “minor blues” setting).
  • Your sheet music PDF files can be downloaded immediately, and/or later, from any device (such as laptop, desktop, tablet, smart phone) using your private non-expiring link(s).
  • 100% satisfaction is guaranteed!  If you’re not happy with this sheet music, for any reason at all, you can easily request a refund, via my Contact/Support/Questions page. No questions asked!