Piano Chord Catalog | 108+ Standard Chords | Reference Book for ‘Chords 108’ Series

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Visual catalog of 108+ chords.

One (1)downloadable PDF file, 108+ pages.

108+ piano chords, depicted visually on a keyboard.

Chords are arranged alphabetically.

Please see DESCRIPTION below for details!


Catalog of 108 Piano Chords |  An excellent companion reference for my ‘Chords 108’ Series

  • One (1) downloadable PDF book.

  • This is a companion reference for my series of posts called “Chords 108.” However, it also serves well as a standalone visual catalog of 108+ standard piano chords, depicting each chord as a set of dots on the appropriate keys.

  • You can see the online interactive version of this same book,  plus read more about it, here!