ALL-ACCESS Supporting Membership


UPDATE 17th August 2019: MY PROMOTIONAL PRICE for All-Access Membership is BACK FOR A LIMITED TIME.

IMPORTANT: All memberships (promotional or otherwise) have a locked-in price guarantee. That is, your monthly contribution will never, ever go up. (Specifically, it never goes higher than the price that was in effect when you came on board — UNLESS you happen to cancel your subscription, then try to re-enroll — by that time, the cost could be higher.

ALSO important: You can cancel your subscription at any time, directly from your account page.

“All Access” members get 24×7 access to the following things:

  • All content in my lessons & articles blog, which includes stand-alone lessons (playing tips, licks, runs, theory, and general music education).
  • A Study in Blues Piano (a complete video-based course).
  • The Blues Piano Crash Course (a complete video-based course).
  • Chords 108 (series in progress, start any time, continue at your own pace).
  • Supplemental sheet music (for some classes).
  • Other custom sheet music (arrangements, sheets with annotations, etc.).
  • Post comments and questions for any video, class, or article.
  • Access to Kent for extra help.

Once registered, you can just log in whenever you visit, in order to read, watch, and/or download supplemental materials from our “All-Access Members Only” content.