Sheet Music With Letters Added to Each Note

Sheet Music with Note-Names Added (every note is labeled)

Proceeds from sales of custom-made SHEET MUSIC WITH LETTERS help keep this website alive, AD-FREE, and full of content, and 100% FREE TO THE PUBLIC.

Key Points

  • Each piece, or song, on ‘Piano With Kent’ is meticulously notated by Kent D. Smith, professional music instructor, and founder of this free public website.
  • All classical items below are strictly based on multiple carefully-selected publications, from top reputable sources, including G. Schirmer Music and The U.S. Library of Congress.
  • Each classical selection is COMPLETE and UNABRIDGEDunless stated otherwise.
  • ALL SHARPS and FLATS are included in the letter names. But of course, right?…Well, check this out please, re accuracy:   Please beware of a certain website–a site which may be on your search page right now–that leaves ALL sharps and flats completely out from where they need to be,  meaning, their sheet music is entirely WRONG. (This is not a sales pitch, but it is a fair warning to you about unreliable sources.)
  • Direct Personal assistance from Kent (me) for purchase-related, download-related questions, also your comments and suggestions, please!
  • QUESTIONS? Just email me at OR I would love to hear from you!

Important Information for Music Teachers and Students

You can read more here about the use of added letters in traditional music notation.

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