Blues Piano Sheet Music & Videos | Lick #1, Solo #1 | Based on ‘A Study in Blues Piano’

Blues Piano Sheet Music – Lick #1, Solo #1

Blues and Jazz licks, runs, and fills ~ PDF download.


Hello to all Jazz and Blues students!

Today, I’m very happy to announce some new Blues Piano Sheet Music!

This sheet music is based directly on material from my FREE course, ‘A Study in Blues Piano – Focusing on 12 Licks.’

The piece itself, titled Lick #1, Solo #1 (a very creative name), focuses on the first lesson of my class, where we introduce and examine Lick #1.

There’s a 12-bar intro on this sheet (the head), followed by three “graded” 12-bar solos, ranging in difficulty from intermediate to advanced (when played as is – but remember, you are encouraged to modify any or all of it – this is improv after all!)

Next, there is a reprise of the 12-bar intro, and then, a special ending section, which is guaranteed to please!

Solid left-hand support

I’ve included a complete and varied left-hand part, for use and/or study, in the bass clef, covering the entire piece.  *These left-hand chords and patterns are based on the CHORD SYMBOLS provided, which in turn follow the standard chords used in traditional ‘C Blues.’

There are two editions: The first sheet includes musical note-names (letters), as in F#, G, Ab, applied to every note. The second sheet contains the same music, but it does not have the letter-note labels. (Without the letters, the second edition has room for a few helpful markings, things like dynamics, tempo, a bit of phrasing, and such. This copy also looks less crowded, overall.)

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