Blues Lick #5: “Ba-do-dee You Bop”

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How are those blues licks coming along? Comments and questions are always welcome!

Today I present Lick Number Five, which is formally called the “Ba-do-dee you bop” lick. That is some academic terminology right there, and you know that I did not make it up.

Ha-ha. As with Lick #2, I named this lick with syllables that match each note of the pattern, so that you can sing the name of the lick as you practice it, which is a really good way to get the feel of it. You might want to read the lesson description for Lick #2 for more insight on that singing idea.


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Blues Lick #1: “Energy”


“A Study in Blues Piano”

Welcome to Lesson One!

Lick number one, which I’m calling “Energy,”  uses the first five notes of the blues scale, with the right hand in a fixed position.  The repeating triplet figures build a sense of excitement.

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