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Sheet Music: Lick #1 from A Study in Blues Piano


Blues/Improv Students:

How’s yo blues?

I’ve had requests for piano notation covering the blues licks in my course, A Study in Blues Piano.

That course is video-based, and teaches from a chord-based improvisation point of view.

I sometimes resist providing notation for improvisation-focused courses, because it can almost promote blind imitation, rather than creative playing.

That said, I’ve had a couple of convincing requests lately from students who wanted to have sheet music to supplement this class. As a result, I’ve decided to provide notation for several of the licks, plus notation for a complete blues piano solo (featuring licks from the course).

Here’s a downloadable PDF file for Lick #1, “Energy.”

Standard Piano Sheet Music with Letters Added | Free Video Tutorials and Articles | Free Video-Based Courses

moonlight sonata piano sheet music with letter-notes

Older/Former Piano Students:  Are you returning to the piano after many years, and can’t remember many details of reading piano music? You are not alone!

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‘Clair de Lune’ COMPLETE | Letters and Notes Together | PDF Download | Quality Standard Piano Sheet Music | Includes Letter-Notes!

Clair de Lune With Letters - Letters and Notes || Piano Music with Note-Names

Exclusive Clair de Lune Piano Sheet Music from Piano with Kent | by Claude Debussy

Claude Debussy’s timeless and extremely popular piano piece, Clair de Lune, is well-known around the world.  Its origins include influences from poetry, the music of Bach’s time (the Baroque period), and the artistic school of Impressionism.

The piece’s name means “moonlight.” It is the third movement of a four-part work called Suite Bergamasque.


Debussy’s music was a major departure from the Romantic music of the 19th century.  He, along with composer Maurice Ravel, is regarded as a primary founder of what came to be known as French Impressionism.


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