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What people are saying about ‘Piano With Kent’


I. Online Reviews of “A Study in Blues Piano


“Very clear instruction. Great licks. Extremely useful and easy to implement. I found myself improvising for the first time ever in my life, thanks to these great lessons and fun licks. Fun. Informative. Enjoyable. Jammable. Love it!”

 “Sehr leicht nachvollzieh – und umsetzbar, vor allem richtig gut dosiert und das führt natürlich zu einem besseren Lernerfolg. Danke und viele Grüße…”Google translation: “Very easy to understand and implement, especially well dosed and that naturally leads to a better learning success. Thanks and best regards…”

 “Very clear explanations.”
Gets me playing like a real bluesman from the first lesson.”
“Awesome course. Very well presented. Thank you.”
“Yes, this is fun and what I expected”

II. Online Reviews of “The Blues Piano Crash Course

“lessons are very easy to follow and as quite pleased with the instructions.”
“It’s a good match for my level. I’m learning a lot about fingerings and ideas on how to play scales and phrases. Good course!”
“So many instructional videos explain some of these concepts. But what they lack, is the bluesy taste of cool phrases. Kent gets right down to the heart of those deep licks we all want and explains the theory behind then as one progresses. Leaving it up to us to mourn on our keyboards with honest style all while broadening our emotional vocabulary. Thanks Kent!”
“So far, so good! Loving the simplicity – feels like I’m taking lessons as a kid, again (in a good way!)”
“Thank you Kent for this wonderful course. I have been searching around to get some more ideas and tipps on how to approach the Blues. Although I have already taken some other courses, you have given me a lot of new insights and ideas to play the Blues. So in total, your tutorial is the best Blues instruction out there, as it is compact and very focused but still comprehensive and more than worth the money.”
“it is what I seeearchedddd forrrrrrrrr – these absolutely awesome simple ideas will give a huge variety of my own improvisation in the future. I am soooo inspired & delighted, really!!!! Verryyyyy grateful to the Universe for choosing right this course with this particular Tutor!!! Thaaaaaaaaaaaaaaank you, Kent!”
“Great instructor. Very responsive to questions. Lots of tips and tricks that will make you sound better than you are. Fun.”

III. Comments on Specific PWK Lessons (as published here and elsewhere)

“Kent, you are a fabulous teacher & I’m so grateful for the skills you have taught me. I have 3 yrs of clAssical piano – royal conservatory & although I have some theory, it has never been enough for my endeavours. I write original rock songs & do a lot by ear but, I always would listen to songs of Elton songs or Billy Joe and long for the beautiful techniques needed to emotionally breath life into my pieces. Thank again, you have my subscription for sure. Take care, piano man…….

“I understand a lot about half step/whole step now. You are a good music teacher!!!” 

“Holee crap! Completely blew my mind how easy this was, thank you!! I’ve been around pianos all my life, took a few lessons as a kid, played tons of other instruments, and could pick out any major scale by the intervals, but it was always slow and I’ve always dreaded visually memorizing them by brute force. I’m the kind of person that needs to see the patterns behind things, and you certainly delivered! …Seriously… Mind. Blown. This completely opens up the keyboard for all that theory to fall into. Cannot even thank you enough.”

“This just blew my mind. I immediately when to the piano and there they were all along. What a great way to break down scales into even smaller parts and then find them all over the keyboard. Fantastic! Thank you. I love things like this that unlock the complexity of music that stops a lot of people from even trying to learn.”


“Hi Kent, I love your visuals and music. What a fun and entertaining way to learn the basics. I was lost; now I am found, simply by learning your method of finding keys by landmarks. I think I will try this landmark method driving around the city. Thank you!”

IV. From Parents and Students (taking private lessons):

DATA PRIVACY NOTICE: In compiling these testimonies, all names and email-related info have either been removed, or completely changed (as with names), for 100% privacy protection of my students and clients (both private and on-line). Also, any excerpt from any email I received is printed on this page by permission only, as well as kept anonymous.

From email:

“…They enjoyed the lesson so much and couldn’t stop talking about it. Thanks again!”

From email:

“Hi Kent…I wanted to let you know there is a difference in the way views playing piano. Lately, she wants to practice and learn the pieces on her own. She is finding a newfound enjoyment in playing and learning from you…”

From email:

“Also want to give you heads up: We had this Halloween party, had lots of friends come. Of course, her piano skill impressed some of the parents. <Jane’s> mom, <Mary,> got your number from me. Jane is in the same class with Nancy, they are good friends. Mary said that she saw kids learning piano for years, still couldn’t play a song. I told her, it’s all because of Nancy’s fabulous teacher, Kent Smith!”

On Thumbtack (from a guitar and piano student):

“Kent’s music knowledge and experience make the lessons enjoyable. He puts time and effort in every session, and makes sure I leave with all my questions answered. Kent has customized my lessons based on my musical taste. I pick a song I’m interested in and then Kent incorporates the technique and theory I need to learn the song. I came to him with zero knowledge on how to play guitar and piano, and a year and a half later I have some songs under my belt. I especially love that he encourages me to try new songs on my own. I highly recommend Kent as your music teacher…”

Online review from a private student:

“…Kent surprised me with his broad knowledge of music styles, techniques and theory – classical, jazz, blues, boogie – and his playing skills. He’s patient, uncritical, and always encouraging and he structures his lesson plans around my musical interests…I like him personally and know I will learn quickly with him…”

Online review from private student:

“I tried out many piano instructors in my area and was very impressed with the quality of instruction I received from Kent. He is extremely personable and committed to helping others like myself enjoy playing the piano. Once you are one of his students, he will go out of his way to support your learning via phone, email and anything else you may need to help you progress in musical goals…”

We’ve got lots more comments and reviews out there, but this should suffice for now, we hope!

Kent and Linus, The Jazz Cats, 2012.

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